The Certificate in Endodontic Sciences based on the resolution of problems, by its own nature, gives the possibility to the general dentists to systematically meet the scientific advances that allow them to enrich their theoretical Corpus and can thus significantly improve their decision-making abilities.

Additionally, the development of theoretical discussions, workshops, interactive activities and clinical practice definitely contribute to develop a process of formation of competencies related with the endodontic activity.


This 350-hr Certificate,a component of UNICAL’s Master in Health Sciences – Endodontics, has the following objectives:

General Objective:

To effectively increase the theoretical and clinical knowledge of participants allowing them to develop competencies for comprehensive dental care with an emphasis on Endodontics patients, under a humanist and scientist approach, incorporating the basic tools of new technologies to do so.

Specific Objectives:

  • Design and run the plan of collection of the data of research for the resolution of problems.
  • Recognize different types of quantitative and qualitative analysis of the data of the research for the resolution of problems
  • Present a clinical case.
  • Accurately apply in clinical practice the various principles related to Endodontics.
  • Apply in clinical practice the basics of Restoring in Endodontics.
  • Conduct clinical practice on pulp therapy.
  • Conduct clinical practice on pulp therapy in young permanent teeth.
  • Perform practical clinical about Biomechanical preparation and recognize the kinematics of the different types of manual instruments.
  • Conduct in clinical practice the management and control of infection in the root canal system.
  • Determine the biological, technical aspects and materials for the obturation of the root canal system.
  • Management and control of pain in Endodontics
  • Apply in clinical practice the latest knowledge related to the field of technology used in Endodontics.
  • Apply in clinical practice the latest knowledge relating to the field of endodontic surgery
  • Efficiently perform clinical and radiographic control and systematically deepen the latest knowledge referred to the imaging of interest in endodontics.
  • Carry out the appropriate clinical management of the Endodontic iatrogenic.
  • Administer programs for endodontic care in the public health sector.
  • Present a research project.

Program Contents

  • Design and implementation of the research data collection
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis of the research data
  • Methodology for the presentation of clinical cases
  • Basic principles of Endodontics
  • Basics principles of restoration in Endodontic
  • Pulp therapy
  • Pulp therapy in young permanent teeth
  • Basic principles and techniques in Biomechanical preparation
  • Management and control of infection in the root canal system
  • Biological, technical and material considerations in the sealing of root canal systems.
  • Pain management and control in Endodontics
  • Forefront technologies in Endodontics
  • Endodontic surgery
  • Clinical and radiographic control and imaging of endodontic interest.
  • Clinical management endodontic iatrogenic
  • Programs for Endodontic care in the public health Sector.
  • Presentation of the research project.
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