Goal of the Program

UNICAL’s bachelor program in International Business Administration trains students for an academic degree in business administration with special expertise in the field of the professional services industry. Central to this goal are the concepts academic and business administration. These are described as follows:


The academic program revolves around acquiring scientific knowledge and applying it. Acquisition and application of knowledge should meet criteria such as objectivity, convincing argumentation, and critical analysis and, when application is to be judged in any specific situation, critical reflection. To this end, graduates have at their disposal specific academic and practical skills, such as literature research, data collection, argumentation, written and oral presentation skills.

Business Administration

The objective of the program is to provide thorough knowledge of the disciplines central to international business administration, to develop the skills needed to integrate knowledge from these disciplines, and to apply both skills and knowledge when solving everyday organizational problems. Graduates are able to analyze everyday problems through relevant theories from various disciplines, develop solutions within the context of a multidisciplinary team and to convey these solutions to customers. Graduates have learnt to take into account the effects of implementation on all business processes. Finally, graduates can operate in an international context, and is sensitive to cross-cultural issues.

Professional service industry

The program trains individuals for general management and consultancy roles. In addition, the program pays extra attention to acquisition and application of knowledge in the framework of the professional service industry, such as financial institutions, IT companies, accountancy firms, consultancy firms, logistics and service-based departments of large industrial companies. As such, graduates possess not only general managerial skills, but also have specific expertise in the field of the professional service industry.

Target Group

The program aims primarily at international and local students having completed a secondary education equivalent to the level of European pre-university education. Selection as to motivation, international experience, proficiency in English and Mathematics is part of the admission procedure. For those students that do not completely fulfill the requirements, a pre-academic one year transition program is added as the first year.

Objectives of the Program – Bachelor IBA

Based on its goal, UNICAL’s Bachelor program in International Business Administration includes the following objectives.

  1. To teach students to adopt an academic attitude: critical, reflective, and conscious of academic standards
  2. To provide students with thorough knowledge of the disciplines business administration, social sciences, economics, technology and law, the aim of which is to provide students with multidisciplinary knowledge
  3. To teach students to integrate knowledge of these disciplines to solve managerial problems from an interdisciplinary perspective. Attention is paid to business processes and international issues
  4. To pay attention to theory and application; including the acquisition of the necessary skills to apply theoretical concepts
  5. To focus on the professional service industry
  6. To offer active participation; to offer an attractive and challenging program
  7. To teach students to cooperate, present results orally and in writing, and debate
  8. To offer intensive guidance
  9. To offer an international context
  10. To offer students a fair chance to complete the core academic program in three years
  11. To offer the program to any qualified student, but to be selective once the program has started

Core competencies – Bachelor IBA

The final attainment levels can be formulated as the following core competencies:

Appreciation of academic disciplines

Students have an appreciation of the theoretical and methodological field of knowledge associated with international business as an academic discipline, together with the academic disciplines of economics, social sciences and technology. Students who have completed this program will have sufficient basic knowledge to analyze business issues, and to develop solutions using business methods and techniques for collecting and analyzing data. In addition, these students will have had experience in setting up, conducting, and reporting on research projects in a scientifically sound manner.

Access to academic knowledge

Students must be capable of locating academic articles and professional publications that they need for their (academic or social) professional life, and of critically evaluating such publications. After completing the bachelor’s program, students will be capable of conveying the central academic issues and theoretical frameworks, and of furnishing them with knowledgeable comments. Holders of a bachelor’s degree will also have developed sufficient expertise in the field of business services in their chosen specialization to enable them to tackle specific business issues.

Academic attitude

Holders of a Bachelor’s degree have an understanding of the nature of academic knowledge, and how this is generated are able to describe and explain business issues, using an academically sound approach have an open mind when it comes to academic and social developments, as well as the attitude and skills needed for lifelong learning and professional growth are capable of producing clear written reports and oral presentations, attuned to a given forum, and can express themselves adequately orally as well as in writing have the conceptual and reasoning skills needed to conduct and apply academic work

Practical skills

Holders of a Bachelor’s degree are able to set up and implement projects systematically, and to operate as team players. They also possess the communicative and social skills needed when working in organizations, for cooperating with others, and when dealing with customers and opponents. Once they have completed the Bachelor’s program, students are able to describe the bottlenecks and pitfalls commonly encountered during project implementation. They will be able to present solutions in the areas of organization, people (acceptance), and systems (both the production systems and the information systems).

Access Professional skills

After completing the program, graduates have acquired the professional skills to work in a variety of markets. They are quality-conscious by habit; taking the set conditions into account, they deliver professional-quality products and services. Further, they are able to recognize circumstances in which independent, rational, disciplined thought is of the essence. At such times, they also have the strength and courage to put their abilities to the test. The program’s broad international outlook means that holders of a bachelor’s degree are able to operate in an international context, approaching business issues by integrating the views of economics, technical sciences, social sciences and general business administration. The IBA program is geared towards professional business services. It focuses on business service providers and how they operate. Think for instance of banks and insurance companies, distributors and transport companies, consultancy firms, software houses, and Internet-based companies. However, industrial companies also have service-based processes. Some examples of these are internal consultancy services, IT departments, and distribution centers. International Business Administration focuses – as the name implies – on professional business services in an international context.

Structure – Bachelor IBA

Through the course work in business, students will gain the best classical knowledge of the foundations of management in accounting, finance, marketing, production, and human resource management. Our coursework will also promote that students grow in the qualities of leadership most sought after in business: creative problem-solving ability, communications skill, integrity, stability, flexibility, and dynamism.

  • The first of the 4-year program offers to international candidates a one year transition program focusing on international business concepts as well as proficiency in English and Mathematics.
  • The following 3-year core program of B.Sc. in International Business Administration trains students for an academic degree in international business administration with special expertise in the field of Professional Services Industry and with an intensive focus on innovation, including an extensive study abroad program in Europe and the USA or another country of choice of our exchange program.

Graduation Requirements for the BA in International Business

To graduate with a BA in Business, students must successfully complete all general requirements for the bachelor’s degree. As part of these requirements, 52 credits of course work in business administration must be completed as follows:

The required business administration undergraduate courses are grouped into three sequential modules. In the Skills for Success in Personal and Professional Life module students learn practical skills for successful functioning in the modern world. In the Business Foundations module, students grow in knowledge of the legal, economic, and social environment of business life. In the Entrepreneurship module, students gain knowledge and experience of starting and growing companies by studying and creating business plans.

The specialization courses in International Business span the totality of the program, and g from basic to advanced levels in a gradual manner.

Skills for Success in Personal and Professional Life

Four courses required (14 credits)

  • Business Communication Skills
  • CCTS: Current Topics in Sustainable Economics
  • Statistics for Business and the Environment
  • Leading highly effective teams
  • Principles of Business Success is strongly recommended but not required.
Business Foundations

Five courses required (20 credits)

  • Marketing Management
  • Financial Management
  • Business Law and Ethics
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management and Organization

Five courses required (18 credits)

  • Career Strategies
  • Managing for Sustainability
  • Financial Accounting
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Entrepreneurship Project
International Business Management

Ten courses required (30 Credits)

  • World of International Business (incl. Math)
  • Introduction to International Business Administration
  • International Logistics and Operations Research
  • Cross-cultural Management Basics
  • Business Information Technology
  • Logistics and Information Systems
  • International Marketing
  • International Finance
  • International Law
  • International Services Marketing Management

Students may interview for business positions and earn up to 16 elective credits of internship toward their bachelor’s degree with the approval of the BA Program Director. Such internships are an opportunity for students to apply the knowledge gained in the Business Administration major in a workplace setting.

Transfer Credits

UNICAL will work with all transfer students to maximize the amount of credit they may transfer from prior college-level work. Any potential transfer student may send their transcripts to the BA Program Director for an evaluation of transferability.

Credit for Experiential Learning

Students whose life experience has given them the knowledge equivalent to a course in the International Business Administration major may apply to the BA Program Director for experiential learning credit. Though we do not have a formal policy governing credit for experiential learning, we are open to giving student credit for what they know and seek to follow the practices that are common at accredited institutions of higher education.

Study Abroad Program

All students must spend at least three semesters abroad during the program. This means that students will be attending classes from professors from three different universities in three different continents. The different locations during the program are: Students will spend the first and the second year at UNICAL in Curaçao. One semester of the third year will be spent in Europe, at an accredited European University. One semester from the fourth year will be spent in the USA as part of the exchange program.

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