The Culinary Sciences and Gastronomy Program

The program curriculum runs in three parallel tracks:

  • The Culinary Track
  • The Management Track
  • The Electives and Languages track

Each track follows a well-designed path from basic to intermediate to advanced knowledge and skills, joining lessons and practices to assure good competence levels.
Each track also features some very specific expectations and, in the case of the culinary track, establishes certification and affiliation goals for the students.


 Culinary Track
Management Track

Parallell Tracks

 The Final Degree Project

The Final Degree Project (FDP) is the culmination of the degree learning process, where the skills acquired, as well as their application and development are reflected. It is a work of either research or application in which students, depending on their interests and professional motivations, analyze in depth some aspect of the chosen specialization.

An FDP adapted to the motivations of the student

  • Individual: the student develops his own research work under the guidance of a teacher. Students can also orient your FDP towards the development of a project in companies, institutions or non-governmental organizations (at a local or international level).
  • Collective: the student develops work from their participation in a research group, with direct tutoring from a Professor member of the team. The student also has the possibility to participate in inter-university groups with students from different universities /countries.

The evaluation of the Final Degree Project

With the completion of the FDP, the level of competence that the student has achieved during its formation is evaluated, checking the maturity of the student, his/her ability to autonomously apply these competencies and develop methods of investigation and resolution of problems in the field of specialization of the chosen degree.

This function is carried out through the development of deepening and synthesis of the knowledge and skills acquired in the subjects for the degree.

To carry out this type of evaluation, we have designed a combined system of evidences, each one of them answering to different achievement levels in different items related with the object of the course. Thus, three elements of valuation are established, in which different aspects can be considered:

  • Preparing a written memoir
  • Writing an article
  • Defending the project, virtually or orally

Evaluators assigned to each FDP organs carry out their assessment based on delivered materials (project and article) and his defense.

Finally, it must be remembered that the FDP is, and so it should be also perceived by all those involved, a real and useful training tool, in which student must reflect not only his/her assimilation of knowledge, but his/her creativity and ability in the decision-making (from the selection of the topic up to the planning of future strategies), and which at the same time becomes a vehicle of research and to increase the knowledge of the tourism, hotel and gastronomic sector, in which, by its transversality, changing mood and in short, as social phenomenon, still remain many areas unexplored.


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