The tourism sector has become for decades one of the key areas for the social and economic development of our country and our region. Within them, the hotel sector, a cornerstone of tourism, is the one which has experienced stronger growth in recent years. Immersed in an environment that is becoming unstable at high speed and in which uncertainty is high, the life cycle of products is becoming shorter and the client shows higher levels of demand. The sector continuously demands professionals trained to operate in a constantly evolving market, able to adopt modern management styles in more complex organizations with a growing trend towards concentration.

On the other hand, the spectacular development that gastronomy and cuisine-related activities have experienced in recent decades, has highlighted its importance at all levels, including in the social and economic fields.

In our School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Management UNICAL offers the following programs:

Bachelor Program in International Hospitality and Tourism Management (IHTM)

The goal of the bachelor program in International Hospitality & Tourism Management (IHTM) at UNICAL is to educate integral, highly competent leaders for the international hospitality industry by balancing high quality academic preparation with professional training and hands- on experience. In order to achieve this goal, the program aims to develop a balance between knowledge, skills and professional attitude in the student upon graduation with the aim to improve after some years of employment.

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Master Program in International Hospitality Management

This is a Master Degree which, through our alliance with a recognized European university, is valid throughout Europe. It is considered the highest education program in hotel management with the greatest recognition and tradition. Our goal is creating a hospitality professional by developing the student’s knowledge, skills and attitude by continuous exposure to the daily reality of a hospitality organization’s practice and attitude.

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Bachelor in Culinary Sciences and Gastronomy

The need for a new dimension of training in culinary arts and gastronomy, from the University side, provides answers to a sector evolving and makes it possible to train professionals with a comprehensive and cutting edge vision. UNICAL is honored to join the distinguished group of universities that currently offer this degree.

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