A Caribbean Academic Hub

At UNICAL, students experience:

  1. An international faculty proceeding from different countries in different continents
  2. Local professors with international experience
  3. Interaction with an international student body
  4. Mandatory study abroad programs
  5. International accredited programs
  6. No language barriers
  7. A multi-cultural local environment

Cura├žao historically has been a strongly internationalized society with 65 different nationalities that have established themselves on the island to pursue a better living that has been offered by an internationally oriented economy mainly in the areas of oil refinery, logistics, international financial service, and tourism.


UNICAL aims to be a Caribbean Academic Hub


In order to achieve its Vision, UNICAL aims to educate competent global leaders who can interact as leaders in complex international, cross- cultural environments.

International Approach

UNICAL is located in Curacao, Dutch Caribbean, and offers professional academic education based on:

  • Collaboration with high-┬şranking universities from different continents
  • Outstanding visiting professors participating in its programs
  • Programs accredited by international accreditation boards
  • International students interacting with local students
  • Study Abroad Programs for the student to be in different international locations during the study

Governmental Recognition

UNICAL has achieved recognition from the Government of Curacao to offer Undergraduate, Graduate and Ph.D. programs.

Through collaboration agreements with universities in several countries UNICAL is able to offer programs accredited in USA, Europe and Latin America.

Universidad UNICAL